It's finally here. Over 300 poems from local people. From children to adults... All reflecting on the subject of Peace.

In memory of WW1

Well done to all who entered a poem. 😊


Comment on Facebook the children please get their original poems back and where can we get hold of a copy?!

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4 weeks ago

Ideas Festival Chelmsford

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Happy Chelmsford
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1 month ago

Ideas Festival Chelmsford

A powerful message... what do you tell your boys?

Jameela Jamil, actor, activist and founder of I_Weigh, gives a powerful speech on how to end toxic masculinity. ✊ #MAKERSConference

3 months ago

Ideas Festival Chelmsford

Wanna try out a new Exciting dance style! Tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd) CUBAN Salsa Night at Abstinence - Tuesday 22nd 2019 - £6.50 pp- from 8 pm till 9 pm... Learn the basics of the Cuban Wheel Dance...
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4th International Cuban Dance Festival in Havana - Ritmo Cuba
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